You never know less than today

I don’t know if a wise person once said this. I actually haven’t even googled it. This is just my opinion.
It’s largely the reason for embarrassment when you look back at your old social media posts. It’s probably how I will feel in a couple months looking back at my first blog posts.
This is why sharing my thoughts publicly has been intriguing to me lately. It takes some guts.
I am naturally a critic. There aren’t many areas in my life where I am solely responsible for a written statement, a product created, or a decision made. It brings me comfort when I ask for the input of someone else because then I don’t feel solely responsible for the success/failure of the outcome. I love working on a team and I actually think I am better used in the role of “editor” to make things better rather than “creator” to start things.
To keep my dignity when I am responsible for the whole outcome (being creator, editor and finisher), I try and humbly stand by the concept that I am a learner. I really do love to learn. I do want to learn, however, to accept failure and not force myself to spin it positively (“it’s not failure, it’s learning!”) or push blame elsewhere.
Here is what I have concluded (today): I can’t let the fact that today I will know less than tomorrow keep me from expressing my opinions, today. I don’t want to come across as ignorant, but I think that some of the best learning will only come by taking risks and putting my incomplete ideas out there for critics like me to come and refine.
I’m sure there are books written about this that I should read.

Here is my imbalance: I attempt to be thoughtful, meticulous, and strategic. I hate the thought of someone approaching me later and pointing out an area that I overlooked (even now, I am editing this post a day after I have published it… HA!). This often slows or even paralyzes my ability to call something “complete” and walk away.

Writing my thoughts publicly I think will help bring some healthy balance in my life. I want to use this blog to help track my thought progress, own my inconsistencies and imperfection, and be proud of where I have come from.

What about you? What do you need to balance your natural tendencies to help you grow?

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