Waist Deep

I got to spend this past week in Utah on vacation with my wife and friends. It was a dream! Utah really lived up to it’s claim of the “best snow on earth.” We got 2-3 feet in the 6 days we were there… incredible!
I snowboarded a few days while I was there and on day 3 at one point my friend motioned toward a double black diamond for us to try. I’m no expert, but I have done a couple of those in the past so I didn’t think twice about it.
About 30 seconds into the “run” (more like the face of a cliff with trees 5-10 feet apart) I started to panic. I didn’t want to loose control in dense trees on a steep slope and smack my head on a tree — there weren’t many people nearby who would see and call someone. And I couldn’t see how far I had to go before the run was over. All I could see what about 20 feet in each direction.
Put all that together and I had a stiff mind-fog cocktail. I forgot all the reasons I knew this would be over in 10 minutes and that I would be laughing about it over a $20 coffee back at the lodge.
Life throws me circumstances (or I stumble into them) that cause me to loose valuable perspective all the time. I feel defeated when those circumstances throw me into a mental haze. In business, in life, and while snowboarding, I often feel subject to my circumstances. I want to figure out how to change that.
I have decided to start writing down my thoughts and lessons learned about life and business primarily to help give myself some perspective that I think will be very healthy.
I chose the distribution of my thoughts to be public (via blog… ever heard of it? Just found this cool new music sharing service called Napster as well) because of the accountability/pressure of articulating clear thoughts and frequently sharing my thoughts.
Secondarily, I would like to have a public record of my thoughts. A record that represents me accurately in my current life stage.
I love to study and learn about business. Right now, I am passionate about learning to leverage technology to help people in ministry. But in general, I love to understand why things are successful or not. I would love to use my understanding to help people build scalable businesses around their passions to help others.
Regarding blogs… So far in life I have invested very deeply in a small number of people. I don’t like surface level relationships, and previously I have perceived public record tools (social media, blogs, etc) used many times to project idealized versions of yourself and help facilitate surface level relationships. But I have realized that I don’t have to choose to use them that way.
I want a public record of my thoughts so people who know me well, acquaintances, and those who don’t know me personally can get a sense of who I really am. People are my life and business is my passion. I realize now that more people knowing who I am and how I think will benefit me.
If you are thinking, “Ugh… duh,” then clearly I’m a little behind in learning pretty basic life and career principles.
Lastly, I would also like for my thoughts to be helpful for others who have passions in overlapping areas. I would love to hear your thoughts for how I can do that best. 

We will see how it goes!

(side note: the title of this post makes me think of this SNL skit. Ha! Enjoy.)

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